Attention to every detail, built in the 25 years of experience.

Quality check. The basic stage of our work

We personalize each product according to your needs

Proffesionalism. Promptness. Efficiency.

Experience gained during the 25 years of activity.

Certified quality

We propose the best materials and consumables used in the production process that meet the quality standards being purchased from certified internal and external suppliers, being in our turn certified ISO 9001: 2008; 14001: 2005.

Flexibility and adaptability

One of the greatest benefits of working with us is our adaptation to your needs by executing order commands to the theme, sketch, technical drawing or photo. The mobility and flexibility of the technical team to move to your headquarters helps to identify the needs quickly and well.

Counseling and technical support

We offer permanent advice and technical support throughout the collaboration, as well as post-sale repair and reconditioning services. Our team of engineers proposes solutions that aim at reducing costs and increasing productivity.

We hope to bring more value to Your business through the products and services offered by our company and thus you soon become a satisfied customer of the Neferprod company!

Sincerely yours,
Nicolae BOE, administrator