With 25 years of experience in the industrial and automotive field, NEFER PROD generates and implements the most competitive customized services for galvanizing, painting, industrial or container trolleys, and various lightweight metalworking, addressing individual requirements of each customer.

Our team of engineers is a team of dedicated and passionate people of what they do. Whether painting or galvanizing, industrial trolleys or other metallic footwear, our team takes every step in implementing the project, offering reliable and optimized solutions for every product, from the smallest detail.

Beyond our manufacturing and design services, our team comes to your support with transport facilitation, providing our own logistics office with the most efficient transport solutions, both by its own means (depending on availability) and through partnerships with specialized transport companies .

We guarantee:

  • The quality of the products by certificates of quality - the materials used in production conform to the standards of quality and are purchased from internal and external suppliers certified partners.
  • The support and the availability of the team throughout the project, and after.
  • The mobility and flexbilitatea technical team to move at your headquarters to identify as quickly as possible and needs.
  • Carrying solutions - support to find as soon as possible and efficient transport.
  • Complex services - the team of professionals with a passion for what they do, carrying solutions, consultancy services, the possibility of painting in electrostatic field, reconditioning, quality control.
  • Only propose solutions that aim to increase productivity and reduce the cost of production, in the context of increasing performance.
  • A long-term partner

We hope to bring more value to Your business through the products and services offered by our company and thus you soon become a satisfied customer of the Neferprod company!

Sincerely yours,
Nicolae BOE, administrator