Galvanic Racks

With an experience of 20 years on the market in Romania and Germany, Austria and Hungary, NEFER PROD is a romanian manufacturer  recognized by galvanic racks.

We make a wide range of racks for galvanic processes: galvanizing, coloring with chromium, nickel, silver, gold plating, anodising etc. Depending on the destination, the racks are designed and made of special materials (titanium, aluminum, etc.) to meet the conditions of galvanic baths.

The increased resistance in operation is ensured with the PVC coating - racks are thus very well protected electrochemically (resist corrosion and have a long life, do not pollute the bath and there are no metal deposits on their surface).

The stands are designed according to the type of coverage, the dimensions of the bath and the workpiece for processing.

Runs from materials corresponding to each process of coverage: ssw corrosion resistant, aluminum and titanium.

The stands can cover with plastisol to protect them from corrosion and to submit the product added as efficient as possible. The pasta of PVC confer supports a longer battery life and the possibility of his cabinet reshuffle by removing and applying a new layer.

Stands for anodising shall be carried out according to the customer's requirements, the titanium or aluminum.

The projection and their execution can be made after the drawing of the workpiece, after a sample or it can be reproduced with a model of the existing support.

Subject to harsh conditions for a long time in the bathrooms the electroplating tanks, protective layer is deteriorating and to prevent the destruction of the basic material, it is necessary that stands to be cover again.

Generally, the repair of a galvanic support covered with PVC consists in:

• Removing the detachable parts of the support
• Fully degreasing the damaged media to the metal
• Mechanical Cleaning of surfaces
• Replace damaged items 
• Degreasing the reconditioned metallic support 
• Primer Application
• Support cover with PVC
• PVC cleaning of the parts which must remain clean
• Replacing detachable components
• Adjusting the orientation of the rubber spring elements securing the galvanized parts
• The final Quality Control

Attaching systems of the parts on the stands are designed in different types (tweezers, hooks, various systems hook) in accordance with the requirements of each customer.

The galvanic bath involve the use of environment supports resistant to attack and made of materials which allow a good conductivity, not to change the electrolyte may reasonably and in order to avoid additional costs.

The racks can be reconditioned when they are no longer functional Neferprod providing service for the galvanic racks.

Among our customers include: DURA Automative Germania, MWG(GE), HEICHE, STIEFLER(AUSTRIA), VTK, ACCURIDE, CST, FLAMMAEROTE.

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