Industrial platforms

We execute the industrial platform at the customer's request.
Constructively, the platform is a steel pipe painted in electrostatically or thermally galvanized steel, on the top covered with galvanized sheet of 3mm .On request, it can also be plated with aluminum strips.

The platform is provided with:

- limiters to prevent the pallets from slipping at the top

- folding towing bars and coupling bolt on the trolley side of the trolley, supported by the springs to prevent accidental uncoupling;

- zinc-coated steel cast iron wheels, aluminum rim, polyurethane running surface, two-row ball bearing and anti-dusting flange;

- Fixed or swivel castors in the direction of traction bar;

- swivel castors with the brake on the opposite side;

- the trolley coupling is easily made by folding the traction bars and pushing them with the bolt-engaging foot, which has a coupling guide.

The dimensions of the platform allow the freight to be transported according to different standards: 1219x1143, 1200x800 (European standard), 1141x980 (recommended size for shipping by VDA, German shipping association), 1140x790 (also recommended by VDA) or other dimensions at customer's request ;

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