Internal logistics carts

NEFER PROD Timisoara is a Romanian manufacturer with tradition in the design of trolleys for internal handling in various industries, mainly automotive, food, and industrial trolleys for special applications.

The trolleys are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and, depending on the order, can be painted in an electrostatic field (with its own installation), can be zinc or thermally zinc.

We process commands in limited or unique series and do them after a picture or sketch.

The wheels of the trolleys are of superior quality, reliable, silent, of different types, sizes, so as to ensure easy handling of the trolley.

Internal logistics trolleys can also be designed for manual operator operation or for mechanical towing with specific equipment, the latter being fitted with a towing bar and a hook that can be connected to each other. At the customer's request, the trolleys are fitted with coupling systems and can be towed to a certain number.

They design the theme, depending on the destination and customer needs.

Our company produces trolleys for companies from Germany: Dura, Montaplast, as well as for different partners on the Romanian market.

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