We produce supports intended for the equipment automatic lines served by the paint robots, or semi-automatic lines . To withstand a long cycle of spraying, we use corrosion-resistant materials. 

NEFER PROD manufactures painting supports by various processes:

-Paint Spraying

-Painting with powder in electrostatic field

- The cataphoretic coating (KTL)- has in view of the protection of the environment, making serious savings on materials and energy.

The supports shall be carried out for the automatic painting lines.

The design and execution of taking into account the type of paint, the characteristics of the installations and especially of the parts to be painted.

The materials used constantly are steel for frames and stainless steel for the parts fasteners. 

The design and execution will be done in such a way that access to areas and contain an optimum number of parts on the support.

The main beneficiaries are manufacturers of ornaments for automotive or IT components. Our customers include Dura Automotive Germany, Heiche Group.

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