Painting with powder in electrostatic field

Dyeing of electrostatic powder paint powder parts ensures superior quality of the finished product, both in terms of mechanical strength or corrosion, as well as commercial appearance. You can choose the type of paint, its quality and color from a wide color palette.

The benefits of using this type of application:

  • Industrial green painting technology
  • Dyeing is done without the use of solvents, thinner, oil, nitro
  • Very high paint utilization
  • Manual painting is made much easier without leaks and surface defects
  • The top quality of the paint layer deposited on the piece
  • Very good impact resistance

Surface preparation prior to painting is done using phospho-degreasing technologies, which provide optimum support for the coating of paint.

Both the solutions used in the phospho-degreasing processes and the used paint powders come from certified companies in this field.

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